Every Element 115 Botanical product comes with a QR code and a lot or harvest number. Scan the QR code and enter your product's unique number above. The COAs will be listed. Click on the right lot/harvest number listed to view the COAs of your product. Now you are one step closer to going beyond.

”I believe it is important to be honest and open in order to build trust. That's why I make sure E115 gives you the information to manage your health and wellness. All E115 products have actual independent lab test results you can pull on our website. You need to know what you're going to put in your body. Use the lab results to figure out what products work best for you and how much you should take at a time." - Danny Way, Founder


To go beyond and experience extraordinary results, it starts with botanicals you can trust. We partnered with ETHA Natural Botanicals because they have best-in-class lab testing practices. They test all products at their own labs as well as through a network of 3rd-party, independent labs. All Element 115 Botanical products go through the ETHA Quality Assurance process. As a result, E115 only provides you with 100% validated products. We guarantee botanical purity, origin, process and production of the highest standards. 

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