December 8, 2023

Live Fully Podcast - S4E11

ETHA Co-Founders, Alexander and Victor, sit with skateboarding legend Danny Way to discuss about a partnership to develop a Kratom brand to redefine natural wellness. Danny dives deep into his wellness journey and talks about how kratom changed his life forever. Kratom has helped him get back on his feet and helps him keep going, keep conquering his sport, career, and life. Tune in and learn why ETHA became the ideal partner for Danny to create Element 115. Explore Element 115's product lineup, it is designed for natural wellness using kratom. This dynamic collaboration embodies a commitment to accessible, trustworthy kratom alternatives, bridging the worlds of extreme sports and holistic well-being.  
(Note: Always use supplements responsibly and consult healthcare professionals for guidance. Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding kratom usage.)  



What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia belonging to the coffee family, Rubiaceae.

Traditionally, kratom has been used for centuries by individuals who need a boost of energy or relief from the aches and pains of hard labor.

A popular method of using kratom was to roll up a leaf and chew on it to release the beneficial alkaloids.

Today, people can enjoy kratom as convenient pressed tablets or rejuvenating beverages.


Why Kratom?

Today, millions of people worldwide rely on kratom for its numerous benefits. According to surveys of kratom users by John Hopkins Medicine and the University of Florida, the top three reasons for kratom use are:

1. Self management of pain

2. Self management of mental conditions

3. Relief from opioid dependence