About Us

Have you ever crossed paths with the legendary Danny Way? If not, you're missing out! Danny isn't just any skateboarder; he's hailed by many as the absolute pinnacle of the sport. His daring feats, like soaring over the Great Wall of China and conquering mega ramps, have etched his name into extreme sports history.



But Danny's journey isn't just about breathtaking stunts and breaking records. It's a story of relentless dedication and pain endured for his passion. Over the years, he's undergone numerous surgeries, all while navigating the intense world of skateboarding and other extreme sports. What keeps him going besides his enduring will to win? All-natural, medicinal botanicals that have helped him manage pain and maintain the focus and energy required for his jaw-dropping performances.


Now, picture this: Danny Way, a living legend, has countless companies vying for his collaboration, but he chose to partner with ETHA Natural Botanicals to build his own botanical brand. Why? Because he demands nothing but the best out of himself and those around him. ETHA isn't your typical manufacturer; it's a powerhouse that crafts its own products, cultivates its own botanicals like kratom, delves deep into the realms of science, fuels innovation through research and development, and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to rigorous lab testing. 


Over seven years of R&D and rigorous dedication, Danny and ETHA are proud to share Element 115 Botanicals with you. Element 115 is part of alien lore as the fuel that powers gravity engines for UFOs. To us, it represents a scientific endeavor to go beyond. We want you to be like Danny Way and do the unthinkable and reach new heights. We want to help you express yourself through your passion.  Element 115 Botanicals can be your fuel to go beyond.


What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia belonging to the coffee family, Rubiaceae.

Traditionally, kratom has been used for centuries by individuals who need a boost of energy or relief from the aches and pains of hard labor.

A popular method of using kratom was to roll up a leaf and chew on it to release the beneficial alkaloids.

Today, people can enjoy kratom as convenient pressed tablets or rejuvenating beverages.


Why Kratom?

Today, millions of people worldwide rely on kratom for its numerous benefits. According to surveys of kratom users by John Hopkins Medicine and the University of Florida, the top three reasons for kratom use are:

1. Self management of pain

2. Self management of mental conditions

3. Relief from opioid dependence