Part 2 - Choose A Solution: Why I Choose Kratom For Wellness

Part 2 - Choose A Solution: Why I Choose Kratom For Wellness

Author: Danny Way

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Here is the deal with kratom. Like with many good things, you will always have those people that do it an injustice. With kratom, it is the “high chasers” that do injustice to this amazing botanical. While kratom has a plethora of life-changing medicinal properties to offer, there are still those people who use it only to try and get high. That is NOT me and if that is what you seek, you may as well stop reading.  

Kratom for Wellness from Element 115 Botanicals 

Kratom naturally has 40+ alkaloids that in various combinations can be used to target various needs. Injury is an everyday occurrence in my field and kratom from Element 115 Botanicals is my solution for holistic sustainable pain management. Products like Particle Accelerator: Relief and Energy and Hyper Drive: Extra Strength Relief and Energy allow me to exercise complete control over my pain and when, how much, if at all, to take. Whereas most prescription medication holds you captive to its needs, with kratom you determine your dosage and your needs without fear of abuse.  

But there is more! When you are injured, not only are you in physical pain, but your mental ability is affected as well. When I have trouble focusing and trouble gearing up due to low mood, I turn to Warp Booster: Mood and Focus all natural kratom for mood and focus enhancement. One of the main alkaloids in this product is the kratom alkaloid Mitragynine, a vasodilator. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels to allow for better blood and oxygen circulation. It is this increase in circulation of both blood and oxygen that allows you to get that natural non-jittery energy kick combined with a powerful burst of focus and concentration assistance as well. Now I can focus on getting back to my sport and my life, without the distractions.  

Once again, let me remind you, kratom is not the ultimate fix. It will not permanently fix or cure you. What it may do for you, when using the best kratom like Element 115 Botanicals, is serve as an amazing and powerful tool in your corner. This tool, combined with a healthy lifestyle and good decisions may help you to successfully manage pain, improve your focus and increase your energy. When using the best kratom and using it properly this will help you to live a full and much happier life. Now isn’t that what we all really want? 

So, when struggles happen and they will, choose a solution. Choose E115 Botanicals kratom for wellness.  


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