Be The Best & Work With The Best: Why I Partner With ETHA

Be The Best & Work With The Best: Why I Partner With ETHA

Author: Danny Way


To be the best takes hard work. I have dedicated my life to my sport, my art and to be the best I can be. 

Throughout my career, my friends, family and fans, you have been there for me. You guys have supported me, motivated me, challenged me, and helped mold me into the athlete and man I am today. Giving back is only natural. This is why I share with you my way to wellness and a path for a full and joy-filled life.

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Finding kratom profoundly changed my life for the better, and I am here today to pass this knowledge and gift on. But just telling you about kratom benefits is not enough. As I did my own research on kratom and the kratom industry, I discovered white space/missing pieces that I seek to fill with my own line of kratom and kratom inspired botanical products. This is why I started my company Element 115 Botanicals or E115.

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What keeps me going besides my passion to be the best and live the best? All-natural, medicinal botanicals, like kratom. These products help me manage pain and maintain the focus and energy required for my busy and demanding lifestyle. With E115, I share with you the very products I use myself to keep going, keep conquering and keep living my very best life. 

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E115 Powered by ETHA 

Who is ETHA and why ETHA, as my partner and why they are considered the best kratom manufacturer? ETHA Natural Botanicals (“ETHA”) manufactures and offers the highest quality kratom products and other medicinal botanicals. ETHA grows its own kratom live plants, conducts research and comprehensive lab testing, and manufactures all its products from start to finish. With ETHA you get the best, most trusted, made in the USA products each and every time. ETHA’s motto is “LIVE FULLY” and that matches up so well with what I believe and how I strive to live my life. 

So why ETHA? Because I demand the best from myself and those around me. I am not your typical man, skateboarder and athlete and I need a partner who can meet me on my level. ETHA is not a typical manufacturer. ETHA is a full service, well-rounded powerhouse that crafts its own products from inception to finish, grows its own botanicals like kratom, delves deep into the realms of science, fuels innovation through research and development, and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to rigorous lab testing.  ETHA’s tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the amazing characteristics that sets ETHA apart. ETHA goes beyond basic standards and minimum requirements to be the very best kratom manufacturer. 

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Once I met these guys, heard their story and experienced their passion for greatness, there was no other partner for me. 

Be Your Best with E115 

After over a year of passionate research & development, trials, and rigorous dedication, I proudly share Element 115 Botanicals with you. I have always been fascinated with science fiction, aliens and space. Element 115 is part of alien lore as the fuel that powers gravity engines for UFOs. That is how we came up with the name of my company. To us, this is a scientific and passionate endeavor to go beyond. For all you have given and done for me, I want you to live that ultimate life, do the unthinkable, and reach new heights. Express yourself through your passion.  I hope that these products by Element 115 Botanicals can be your fuel to GO BEYOND! 


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Danny Way, Founder

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